Alco Filter Drier

The industry’s best in class, premium compacted bead filter drier that has a desiccant blend optimized for high water and acid capacity.

The Emerson EK liquid line filter drier provides superior system protection with best-in-class 20 micron filtration and contaminant retention.

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Alco Filter Drier Sizes (Liquid Line)

No. Description
EMER-FD-01-EK309S 1-1/8″ EK309S
EMER-FD-02-EK052 1/4″ EK052
EMER-FD-03-EK083 3/8″ EK083
EMER-FD-03-EK083S 3/8″ EK083S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-03-EK163 3/8″ EK163
EMER-FD-03-EK163S 3/8″ EK163S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-04-EK084S 1/2″ EK084S
EMER-FD-04-EK164 1/2″ EK164
EMER-FD-04-EK164S 1/2″ EK164S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-04-EK303 3/8″ EK303
EMER-FD-04-EK304 1/2″ EK304
EMER-FD-04-EK414S 1/2″ EK414S ( SOLDER )
EMER-FD-05-EK165 5/8″ EK165
EMER-FD-05-EK305 5/8″ EK305
EMER-FD-05-EK305S 5/8″ EK305S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-05-EK415 5/8″ EK415
EMER-FD-05-EK415S 5/8″ EK415S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-06-EK306 3/4″ EK306
EMER-FD-06-EK306S 3/4″ EK306S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-06-EK417S 7/8″ EK417S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-07-ADK417S 7/8″ ADK-417S (PCN: 060187)
EMER-FD-07-EK307S 7/8″ EK307S
EMER-FD-07-EK757S 7/8″ EK757S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-101-EK419S 1-1/8″ EK419S (SOLDER)
EMER-FD-101-EK759S 1-1/8″ EK759S (SOLDER)