Dryall Filter Drier

The DMH series Liquid Line Filter Driers are designed to protect the refrigerant system from liquid and solid contaminants. They incorporate a specially formulated desiccant blend of molecular sieves and activated alumina providing very high mechanical strength, outstanding filtering capability, high moisture, adsorption and acid removal. DMH series is recommended for refrigeration, freezing, air-conditioning systems and for mobile refrigeration.

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No. Description
DRYA-FD-03-DMH163F 3/8″ DMH-163F (FLARE) PACK OF 30
DRYA-FD-03-DMH303F 3/8″ DMH-303F (FLARE) PACK OF 10
DRYA-FD-04-DMH164F 1/2″ DMH-164F (FLARE) PACK OF 30
DRYA-FD-04-DMH304F 1/2″ DMH-304F (FLARE) PACK OF 10
DRYA-FD-05-DMH165F 5/8″ DMH-165F (FLARE) PACK OF 30
DRYA-FD-05-DMH305F 5/8″ DMH-305F (FLARE) PACK OF 10
DRYA-FD-06-DMH306F 3/4″ DMH-306F (FLARE) PACK OF 10