Flexelec Drain Line Heater

CSC2 Silicon elastomer insulated drain-line heaters

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  • Fully sealed.
  • Double insulation.
  • Extremely flexible.
  • Voltage 230 V as standard.
  • Power cable: length 1 m.


CSC2 heaters are designed to be laid inside pipes for draining water from thawing refrigeration equipment installed in cold rooms.  They operate only during thawing cycles.

To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long
service life, we recommend using a control device.

Note: The most commonly used power rating is 50 W/m. However, for plastic pipes, we strongly recommend using the 40W/m range.

CSC2 Product details

  • Heating wire
    Nickel-Chrome or Nickel-Cuivre
  • Insulation
    Silicon elastomer
  • Section
    5 x 7 mm
  • Power
    40 or 50 W/m
  • Voltage
    Standard 230 V
  • Permissible surface temperature
    from – 70°C to + 200°C
  • Tolerance
    Power: ± 10 %
    Section: + 0.2 / – 0.1 mm
    Length: ± 1 %
No. Description
FLEX-HE-LH1.5M 1.5M/230V/60W
FLEX-HE-LH1M 1M/230V/40W
FLEX-HE-LH2M 2M/230V/80W
FLEX-HE-LH4M 4M/240V/160W