Frio+ Refrigerant

What is Frio+ ?

Frio + is a trademark of the Climalife company. Under this brand we deliver high quality refrigerants. All refrigerants are tested before each shipment in our “Climalife” laboratory. This ensures that the chemical composition of the gas in the packaging is fully consistent with the specification. High quality refrigerant Frio + is the most appreciated and demanded product by our customers worldwide.

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  • Bar handle type.
  • One time filling valve.
  • Valve with Climalife logo hence quality approved.
  • Good and strong quality 3 layers carton.
  • Palletizing while packaging to ensure safe transport.
  • Valve laminated with plastic cover / valve rotated with a torque as per Climalife SOP.
  • Every disposable has hologram with unique number to track.
  • Container covered with bubble sheet from inside to prevent moisture.

As per government regulations, it is illegal to refill a disposable

  • As a standard practive, it is highly risky to reuse the valve and disposable cylinder.
  • Always store refrigerant cylinders in dry area.
  • Do not store in direct sun light (temperature exceeding 52 degree C / 125 degree F).
  • Please check the standard of packaging and quality of product before using.
No. Description
FRIO-RR-R134 R-134 (13.6KG)
FRIO-RR-R22 R-22 (13.6KG)
FRIO-RR-R404 R-404A (10.9KG)
FRIO-RR-R407 R-407C (11.3KG)
FRIO-RR-R410 R-410A (10KG)
FRIO-RR-R410-11.3KG R-410A (11.3KG)
FRIO-RR-R507 R-507 (11.3KG)